Halloween Masks

-Happy Halloween- You can either apply Halloween makeup or get a mask or both.

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Some Halloween masks are really realistic looking. Those would be the studio grade movie monsters.

You can also get hands and feet to compliment the mask. The happy haunting can begin with your choice of thousands of Halloween masks.

Halloween started over 2,000 years ago and has roots in Ireland. October 31 was the night before the year changed because they kept track of years by harvest season. The Celts clothed themselves in costumes made of animals and danced around bonfires telling fortunes.

It was like their New Years Celebration and since then the tradition has evolved to where we open the door for Hannah Montana and give her Treats!

If you have a mask from previous years, you can clean the mask in warm, soapy water so it will be fresh. If the mask is too loose you can glue in small sponges into the inside using rubber cement. If the mask is too tight, you really can only give it away or try slitting the back to allow for a little more room inside the mask.

- Happy Halloween!

Scary Halloween Masks range from the simple to silicone movie quality wonder masks that conform to your own face.

Horror scary masks available online can provide just the right amount of evil for your Halloween celebration.

Zombies, vampires and other ghouls can creep even your closest friends out.

Masks come in the over-the-head latex mask type as well as the hard latex rubber and even heavy paper masks, but there are also movie studio masks made of foam latex that forms to the face.

You can always use your own face makeup and create a unique creation with different face-painted looks and a wig.