Pumpkin Seeds Recipes

-Roast your own Halloween Pumpkin Seeds and try some of these unique blends of flavorings and spices to make the batch of pumpkin seeds that taste phenomenal.


-Recommended Delicious Pumpkin Seeds Recipes

Making them is alot of fun, but if you enjoy them you can always buy more instead of carving up another pumpkin once pumpkins are not in season after the holidays.


Have fun eating and roasting your pumpkin seeds this Halloween!

If you are making your own, don't forget to rinse them under cold water and pick out the pulp and strings right after you have takent the seeds out of the pumpkin but before they dry.

Some like to use a strainer to help with the seperating of the stringy pulp and the seeds. You can rub the seeds between your fingers under running water that way.

Store the finished and baked pumpkin seeds in an air tight container so they keep longer.

Happy Halloween!

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You will love pumpkin seeds whether you buy them online or make them yourself.

Making them is more fun!