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How to Do a Headstand


Alexx and Jade join Katrina and Sloane in this gymnastics tutorial about how to do different types of headstands. Practice against the wall at first so you don't fall over. Do the headstands on a mat, carpet or soft surface. Once you get good at head stands, try some of the advanced moves!

Various head stands are done in yoga, gymnastics and just for fun. Even breakdancing has some headstand components like the freeze.

Some athletes use headstands to strenghten and build their neck muscles as part of their training.

Headstands are one of the easier gymnastics skills that you can learn.  They are often used in one form or another in acrobatic dances as well. 

Take a look at Katrina’s very cute and entertaining Disco Ducks acro dance.  She did this dance when she was only 7 years old as weremost of the girls in her group. 

Often times they will go into the headstand with their legs in a split formation and then they will extend or bend the legs while holding the headstand position.  It looks very cool when all the dancers do these movements in sync.

It is always best to practice these on mats or carpet.  Make sure the area around you is clear so you don’t knock anything over or fall on anything that could hurt you.  Practice against a wall when you are first learning so you can find your balance without falling over. 

Once you get used to it, you can practice near a wall but only touch it with your feet if you feel you are losing your balance.

Have fun practicing your headstands and send us some pictures of your advanced poses once you master them!


Clapping headstand
Katrina does a clap when in the headstand.