"Fit for a Feast- a fun place for kids cooking, kids fitness and kids activities. Join Katrina and Sloane for some great cooking recipes, dance tips and fun activities for kids."


About Fit For A Feast:


As parents, our goal is to raise healthy and happy children.  At Fit for a Feast.com, we provide all the tools you and your children need to make healthy choices when it comes to nutrition and fitness. 

Our goal is to make learning about health and fitness entertaining.  We want to show kids that being fit and feeling healthy is fun and cool – and not that hard to do with the right information and inspiration.


Healthy Choices For Kids

Most children enjoy “helping out” in the kitchen.  We demonstrate how they can take the initiative and make their own healthy snacks and meals…and have lots of fun doing it.  We have to work to stop the epidemic of overweight, unfit kids now – before diabetes and other health problems rob them of quality and longevity of life. 

Statistics show that 1 in 3 kids born today will get Type 2 Diabetes.  It may also be the first time a generation has shorter life expectancy than their parents.  The trend is reversible – if we work at it.  We encourage you to make health and fitness a family goal – allowing for quality time together and good habits that will stay with them and be passed on to future generations.

Furthermore, we want to bring back the original inter-active games.  Games we used to play as kids that involved running, jumping and imagination.  The kind of games you could play in a schoolyard, backyard or park. 

Most kids today play games in front of a computer screen or TV – which is fine in moderation.  However, many kids only connect with friends over the internet or cell phones, and playing in the fresh air is not a priority.  For every kid we can convince to get up off the couch, or every kid we can convince to eat apple slices instead of fries, the time spent making this site will be worth it.