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Top 10 Reasons to Cook with your Kids
Spending time with your kids in the kitchen is important.  Read our top ten reasons why you should make cooking with your kids a priority in your busy life. more.....


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As parents, our goal is to raise healthy and happy children.  At Fit for a, we provide all the tools you and your children need to make healthy choices when it comes to nutrition and fitness.  Our goal is to make learning about health and fitness entertaining.  We want to show kids that being fit and feeling healthy is fun and cool – and not that hard to do with the right information and inspiration.

Vitamins - Why are vitamins so important for your health?

Minerals - Find out more...

Energizing Juice Recipe - boost your energy with this great tasting drink!

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Real Food for Real Families
Natural Nutrition is all about reinforcing the importance of “real food” and the connection with overall well-being.  Kids love fun and tasty foods and parents want to feed their kids nutritious foods. With a little creativity the whole family will be coming over to the green side and loving it! ...more

Healthy Substitutes for Better Nutrition
Use this handy table to substitute processed or unhealthy foods with foods that pack a nutritional punch. ....more

Preventing Cancer with Good Nutrition
This new study by John Hopkins University shows the link between eating right and fighting cancer: more...

Giving Recipes a Nutritional Makeover
Try these 12 easy tips to give your recipes a nutritional makeover: more...

Pancake Warning
Do you have old pancake mix or Bisquick mixes in your home? Did you know they could be potentially deadly? Read one parent's story about anaphylaxic shock reaction to molds. more....

Amazing Smoothies. Enjoying healthy food doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can prepare tasty, healthy meals in just seconds. Learn the secrets to good health and safe weight loss found in the smoothie recipes in this 114 page ebook, Amazing Smoothies.

Avoid Mercury in Fish. Did you know that certain fish contains more mercury than others and families should avoid consuming them. On the other hand fish is very healthy but you should choose the right fish for best benefits. more....

Eating at Home Saves Money and is usually healthier too. You can even learn to make restaurant meals using their same recipes at home with fresher ingredients. (and lower cost)

Packing Healhty Lunches. For Busy Parents one of the most difficult tasks of back to school is packing a healthy lunch that kids will actually eat. Here are some Quick Lunchbag Ideas for Packing Healthy Lunches.

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Eating at Halloween. Halloween can wreak havoc with your weight, blood sugar levels and dental health. Here are some healthy eating at Halloween tips for making Halloween not so scary for your health.

Learn to make healthy meals

Get organized, a well stocked pantry is key to putting a healthy meal together in minutes.
Try these simple mouthwatering summertime recipes and with out working up a sweat!

Grilled Wild Salmon Recipe

Spinach and Strawberry Salad Recipe