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Natural Nutrition is all about reinforcing the importance of real food and the connection with overall well-being. Kids love fun and tasty foods and parents want to feed their kids nutritious foods. With a little creativity the whole family will be coming over to the green side and loving it!

Eating greener promotes good nutrition, and leading by good example is important if we want positive changes for our kids and our world. As parents, our focus should be to reduce processed foods, eliminate unwanted additives, and increase the nutritional value of daily meals. Below are some great tips that will go a long way.

Childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. Let's help our kids decrease their consumption of fast food and junk food, while increasing their levels of activity. The combination of too much junk food and inactivity are undoubtedly the primary factors behind many of today's diseases. Many kids who are overweight or obese are suffering with truly preventable health problems. Let's help our kids lead healthier and happier lives.

  • Avoid processed foods - White bread, white pasta, white rice, store-bought cookies, chips... Food processing reduces the overall nutritional value, particularly vitamin and mineral content, and leaves us with foods relatively high in calories and low in nutrients. In addition, processed foods often contain hydrogenated fats, which have been found to damage cellular membranes= a very important consideration for growing children. Refined sugar and flour stress the metabolism, disrupt digestion and slow brain function.


  • Avoid additives - Read labels carefully and avoid ingredients with a chemical name. A number of additives are used to increase shelf life, enhance flavour, and improve appearance and texture. Many of these additives contribute to digestive problems, allergies, brain fog, acne, early sexual maturation, hyperactive behaviour, among other problems.
  • Fresh is best - Focus on fruits, vegetables and whole grain products, and on freshness and quality. Food in its natural,unrefined state contains valuable nutrients, including live enzymes and fibre, necessary for childhood development. Go organic as much as possible.


  • Shop selectively and locally - Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store. Health food stores are particularly good sources of healthy snacks, pure juices and lunch ideas.

Now for the Fun! See suggestions for Healthy Substitutes For Processed Foods

Bon Appetite!

Information provided by Mary Robertson, RHN, RNCP,
Specializing in Natural Nutrition for all stages of Life