Teaching Your Child Manners

Here are a few ideas and important table manners that are good to instill in our children. more...

Parenting Advice

Parenting styles

Parenting styles vary widely from authoritarian parenting to more permissive parenting. In any case positive parenting is a great foundation for parenting kids.

Parenting: There are many excellent parents books and parenting reference books that can help you to raise a happy, healty child. Here are our current parents books picks listed by subject.

Parenting ARTICLES

Emotional Wellness After Childbirth
Many moms experience the baby blues or postpartum depression after giving birth ...more

Saving Your Marriage
Sometimes it feels as if it is a constant struggle to “keep the peace” in our marriage or family.  We all have our own agendas, and yet we need to keep others’ needs and wants in view and try to be accommodating.  It is often very difficult to find that balance.  ...more

Coping With Divorce
Sometimes we are not able to salvage our marriage and have to accept that the only solution for peace in our lives is divorce. more...

Great Inspirational Kids Stories Online - Ebook
At last a collection of Children's Bedtime Stories that Nurture, Inspire and Educate our Young Click Here!

Halloween Safety. There are accidents and incidents every Halloween that can spoil the holiday. Pedestrian accidents, tampered products causing illness or lacerations, falls, fires, etc. Here are my Top 10 Tips to keep your family safe this halloween.

Back to School Colds and Flu. Schools are breeding grounds for germs. Your kids will have a greatly increased risk of catching infections once they go back to school. Here are some Back to School Colds and Flu tips to keep your child healthy.

Misbehaving Kids? Your family deserves better, here are the tools needed to correct the problem. More on misbehaving kids