Teaching Kids Table Manners

Here are a few ideas and important kids table manners that are good to instill in our children for proper etiquette training.

  • Sit upright with good posture.
  • Keep chair legs on the floor.
  • Place your napkin on your lap and make sure to use it.
  • Wait until everyone has been served before eating.
  • Pass condiments, salt and pepper around the table as opposed to across it.
  • Ask someone to pass you an item instead of reaching over them.
  • Remember to say “Thank you” when something is passed to you.
  • Say “No thank you” politely if you are offered something you don’t like.
  • Do not take huge portions.
  • Don’t stuff food into your mouth.
  • Don’t talk with food in your mouth.
  • Keep you arms and elbows off the table. You may rest the on the table after the meal is over and dishes have been removed.
  • Don’t pick your teeth at the table.  If there is food stuck between your teeth, discreetly remove it.
  • Ask to be excused before leaving the table.