Worried about how much time kids spend in front of the computer or playing video games?
Here are some video games that actually improve fitness: more on fitness video games that are fun and help the whole family
get fit together.



Get Fit and Active with your Kids:

Are your kids getting the recommended 90 minutes of physical activity every day?

Active parents tend to have active kids. Here are some tips for getting active with your kids.

If they are getting older or in their teens, we also have some tips for activities they can try at school, in their community or with their friends. ....more



Want to Start a Running Program?
Use this handy chart to get started with running and make the most of your progress: more...

Your Body After Childbirth
Your body has been carrying a new life for 9 months. Now you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight while keeping healthy and energized more...

Getting Sleep is Crucial for Good Health
Lack of Sleep has been linked to lower IQ, poor performance and weight gain. We all know that you have sleepless nights as parents, especially as parents of newborns. Check out these natural and safe sleep aids. more....

Getting Our Kids Fit
Childhood obesity is increasing at alarming rates. As a result of the sedentary lifestyle and extra weight, more and more kids are experiencing health issues that had only been seen in adults.
This video discusses the issues of childhood obesity facing our kids today. We need to and can reverse this trend. watch Childhood Obesity Facts video...

Kids need Activities like Dance to Stay Active
After school activities can include everything from music lessons to martial arts. I believe physical activity is important for kids since they lead such sedentary lifestyles now, leading to a distressing number of overweight children. ...more about Kids Activities