Kids Need Activities Like Dance

After school activities can include everything from music lessons to martial arts. I believe physical activity is important for kids since they lead such sedentary lifestyles now, leading to a distressing number of overweight children. Girls, especially, seem to be over concerned with body image and being thin, probably due to the unrealistic expectations put on them by the media.

Dance lessons and programs are fantastic for kids for many reasons.

  • Dancing is great physical activity that uses many major muscle groups.
  • Dance can help coordination and balance.
  • Dance, especially ballet, can help with posture and grace.
  • Dancing is fun, especially when it is to music you love. Kids stick with activities if they are fun.
  • Learning to dance will give¬†kids confidence when they go to dances at school or with friends.

Learning new routines can help with memory. Kids are proud when they can perform their newly acquired skills. Performing on stage also helps kids grow and learn and can build confidence which carries over into public speaking and presentations.

There are many types of dance programs: recreational classes in a particular style of dance; structured programs building a core with several types of dance; or competitive programs where the dancer trains for many hours in many styles each week and competes against other dancers and studios at dance competitions. Costs for dance can range from a free program at school to a low price community program to a higher cost private studio. Dancers in a competitive program can spend thousands each year to pay for lessons, costumes, entry fees and travel. There are also cultural dances from different countries where kids can learn traditional dances.

If your child is considering dance but not yet ready to commit to a program, there are some online dance video lessons for kids where they can test their coordination and skills. A fun Halloween dance to Disturbia, in the style of Thriller, is one of my favorite performances by a young dance group.

All sports and fitness activities help kids to focus, improve concentration, relieve tension and build friendships. The more competitive the level, the more kids tend to be with the same team mates and form deep friendships. Hopefully, they will continue the activity well into their adult years to stay fit.