Celebrations in December

December 23 is a festival in Mexico, particularly in the Oaxaca area.  The celebration is called Noche de Rabanos (Night of the Radishes) and it celebrates the flowers and vegetables that grow.  Gardeners make sculptures out of vegetables to enter in contests.  Radishes and corn husks are the main vegetables of choice for the sculptures.

December 13th is a celebration of Santa Lucia in Sweden.  School closes early and the girls dress up like Santa Lucia with white dresses with red sashes.  Girls wear a crown with candles and boys carry candles.  Boys also wear white pants and tops and hats that are cone shaped with gold stars.

In December in Thailand, there is a festival on the full moon called Loy Krathong.  People go down to rivers when the moon is full and launch small boats made out of banana leaves which are filled with a candle, flowers, coins and other things to give thanks that the rainy season is over and there is abundant water in the rivers.