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Curling On Ice

Winter Sports - Curling On Ice

Curling is a sport that originated in Scotland over 500 years ago. It is played on ice with stones & brooms. Ever wonder what curling is all about?  This video explains how you play, how you score & what you need to know.

Check out this curling final event from 2006.

The International Curling Federation moderates changes to the game including new strategies, rules and techniques as well as technological advances to equipment.

The first curling rocks weighed only about 5 pounds and they were called loofies because they looked like a hand. They then evolved into boulders that were rounded and got a handle. The basic rule was to shoo the rock from A to B but the rocks got heavier (up to 60 pounds!).

According to the Canadian Curling Association, iron stones were introduced in Canada and were used in Montreal until the mid 1900s. This is a great sport to pass the cold winter and get some great exercise out in the fresh (cold) air.