Back to Nature

With Spring finally here and Summer right around the corner, we are inspired
to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  It is also the time of year when we can
reconnect with nature and our environment.  Here are a some activities you can do
with your children.

Adopting a tree

While taking a walk or hiking, have your child pick out a favourite tree in
a park or forest and "adopt" it.
Essentially, your child will take on the role of being the tree's
caretaker.  Do bark rubbings with crayons and paper,leaf collection
and pressing in the fall, and look for flowers and fruit in the summer. 

Bring some water each time you visit your tree and take pictures of
your child standing beside it each year. 
You can even bring along a measuring tape to track the trees growth.

Keep a Wildlife Journal

Have your child make daily notes of all the wildlife living in your
neighbourhood.  They could even take pictures and write down the times
of sighting, habitats and behaviour of them.

It's amazing how many different species are living in your own backyard! 
Some examples are: racoons, squirrels, birds, frogs, ants, crickets, etc.

Clean Up the Earth

A good way to teach our children about taking care of our planet and at the
same time get some exercise is to take bags with you and go for a walk.
While doing so, "clean up" along the way.  You can pick up stray bottles,
newspapers and discarded food containers. 

Do something fun at the end of it like go to a playground or go for a swim.