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Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails for Dance

Ponytails are one of the many hairstyles needed for competitive dancers and stage performers. In this hair tutorial video, Marley gives us some useful tips on making the perfect ponytail for dancers and performers.

Hair for Stage - Ponytail is a very helpful video for dance moms too.

First you put heavy duty gel into the dancer's hair. Bring it from front to back so you can put it in a pony tail. You can use spray too. If you have fine hair, use a finishing brush to get the hair smooth.

Then pick an elastic that is similar to the dancer's hair. There are lots of different ways to put a ponytail in. A high one, low one or mid-one. After elastic is on, we pull to seperate the hair so you get it tight. Then comb over and use a fine mist of hairspray. Once the wisps are back and the hair is secured, you can spray a little more so the wisps in the back are covered as well.

You can use a comb or your finger for any stray pieces. You can use sparkle gel if you are allowed. You spread the sparkle gel evenly. You can then add clips or a flower or other hair accessories by using bobby pins in an X formation so the accessory does not fall out during the dance. Watch the Ponytails for Dance video for more.