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Cha Cha Cha Style Latin Dance

Julian Franch and Ashley show us the Cha Cha Cha Latin Style Dance in this performance. Julian was the Junior Latin Dance Champion in Canada at 14 years of age, but now he teaches and does performances. This dance to 'Calle ocho - I know you want me' by Pitbull, and was choreographed by Julian and Ashley.

The cha cha is one of the 5 main Latin dances done at competitions. It is a very fun and exciting dance form that is believed to have originated in Cuba. The cha cha is similar to the Rumba dance, but with extra beats.

You can also learn to do the cha cha cha and see some of our Latin Dance Lessons and more Dance lesson videos in the Dance Lessons section. There is a breakdown of Ashley and Julian doing this dance, and a basic lesson on the cha cha that Julian teaches Katrina and Sloane.