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Acrobatic Ski Jump

Franck Bare did the first triple twisting quadruple backflip on skis in 1983.  Watch this jump!  (But do not try it!!)

Teams that perform air acrobatics on skis are called Aerial Teams. Skiiers can catch alot of air by doing ramps, jumps and the mother of all ski ramps, the Olympic ski jump ramp.

Ski jumping is a competitive sport that involves scoring and has been part of the Olympics for decades. The hills are rated in "K". A K80 hill has a distance of 80 meters which a good jumper can reach there. The further you fly before you have a proper landing, the higher the point score. Once a jumper hits the par or average jumping distance for the ramp setup, then they automatically get base points on to which the rest of their distance is added.

Acrobatic jumping is less about distance and more about funky twists, turns, winding, flips and aerials as well as other sky aerobics performed on skis. Sometimes acro skiers have such fun in the air, they forget to stick the landing, ouch!