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The Luge

See what it is like to ride a luge on a track with this rider camera.

The luge can be a one or two person sled. Luge is also an Olympic sport alongside bobsleigh and skeleton. A more recent adaptation of luge is called street luge, but that is not seen in the Olympics.

In Canada, there is a Luge Association that provides education for Luge sports enthusiasts and athletes.

Luge is about speed and the actual race in the Olympics is made up of men singles, women singles and doubles. The only part of the race where the athlete really can make a big difference is in getting a good start. Those are critical seconds to gain the right amount of momentum needed to keep going down the hill. Then wind resistance and equipment along with precise leaning take over.

The luge sled has a seat and a pair of handles and there are rules about the actual size and weight of the sled so there is no unfair advantage.