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Face Washing

Avoid face washing mistakes and scrubbing too hard.  Here is a short info video.

Use a gentle cleanser that will leave your skin soft. Skin toner that removes oil can also be used, but you don't need toner most of the time if you use a good cleanser.

If you have dry skin, you can moisturize. In the winter it is good to have a humidifier in the house as well to provide basic humidity levels and avoid dry skin.

Exfoliating means to remove dead skin and unclog skin pores, but sensitive skin can be damaged so best to seek out a salon/spa for a professional treatment. A simple exfoliation with light scrubbing can be done at home using an over-the-counter facial scrub that feels gritty and can help clear out dead skin.

Wash face with warm (but not hot) water to open up the pores before applying any product. Apply soap or cleanser in a circular motion. (Don't scrub at acne as that just makes it worse and may leave scars).

When drying face, pat it dry instead of heavily wiping it.