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Media and Body Image

Fashion and glamour magazines give us unrealistic images of women. 

Most models are so skinny it is unhealthy.  Fit and healthy is the way to go.

Embrace your individuality and be the best you personally can be.

Note that the media (t.v., movies..) is very shallow most of the time. The reason is they need to appeal to the lowest common denominator to get ratings. Without ratings they have less advertiser money and get their shows cancelled. So business people and not content creators are the ones pushing the buttons, so what you end up seeing are shows where females are still portrayed by their looks. in fact on t.v. and in commercials, a girl's looks were commented on more than half of the time. So it is safe to say, that if you watch alot of t.v. you will be exposed to shows that over-emphasize a girl's looks. Knowing that will help you realize what they are doing and not take it so seriously.

That being said, you should try to live your life healthy as your body and energy level will thank you for it. Simple choices go a long way toward improving yourself. Eating better, getting a good night's sleep and doing physical activity/exercise/dance will help you get in better shape.

Avoid eating disorders by starting with a good breakfast each morning. Some girls that try to lose weight actually skip breakfast, but that seems to be the wrong thing to do because it can lead to over-snacking or binging later in the day, and leave you with low energy levels to meet the day's challenges.

Katrina is not a big breakfast person, and sometimes skips breakfast, but she will try to have scrambled eggs and toast, hot cereal in the winter, and her favourite: chocolate chip pancakes.