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Bowling Instruction

Bowling Instruction

Games similar to modern bowling games date back to 3200 BC – making bowling over 5000 years old!  (Maybe Fred Flinstone really did play!) 

It has been the game of kings and different variations have popped up in several countries.  Germans believed it began there in 300 AD. Coincidentally, there are 300 points in a perfect game of bowling. 

We now use modern balls and lanes, but knocking things down with a ball has been around a long time!

Bowling today is fun during glow-in-the-dark evenings, a get together with friends and family, or just plain fun.

In Europe, some of the bowling is done with a smaller ball and 9 pins. In Germany, bowling is called "Kegeln" and the bowling alley is called the "Kegelbahn".

Bowling ball weights can range from light to 16 pounds or more. If you are not used to a heavy ball, then your thumb may be sore the next day if you use one.

A strike is when you knock all of the pins over on your first shot. A spare is when you knock all of the pins over in 2 shots. You get 2 shots per turn and there are 10 frames in bowling. On the last frame, if you get a strike, you get to bowl again (twice). On the last frame if you get a spare, you get to bowl one more time to add to your final score.

Get a strike, get a spare and have a lot of fun!