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Volleyball Best Setters

Volleyball - Best Setters

Volleyball was invented in 1895, 4 years after the invention of basketball. 

The game was invented by William G. Morgan as a combination of basketball, tennis, handball and baseball.  The first volleyball net was 6 feet 6 inches high. 

The first ball made specifically for volleyball came out in 1900.  The first tournament was held in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1922. 
The first world championship games were held in Prague, Czecholslovakia. 

Volleyball became an Olympic sport in 1964, when it was first played at the Tokyo games.

Volleyball setting drills can help you get a better technique. The easiest setting drill with 2 players is simply setting the ball back and forth. Add frontwards and backwards steps for more complexity.

You can also try long distance setting from about 15-20 feet. This type of drill helps develop wrist, hand and finger strength. Crosscourt sets are a type of long distance set that requires accuracy during a match. 3 players can designate a person as the center setter and take turns having them set the ball.

Having a hitter work with the setter helps develop the right reaction to whether or not the ball should be dug or set. Check out some of the best setters in the video.