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Backbends and Bridges

Backbends and Bridges Tutorial

Here are some tips to increase flexibility in your back. Katrina and Sloane show you some great stretches to help increase your flexibility to do backbends and back walkovers.

Learn how to do a bridge two ways: learn by pushing up from the floor and learn from standing and going backwards. You can also use a wall as an aid to help you as Katrina and Sloane show you in this video. Easy stretches and tips you can try at home!

Remember if you are new to this, make sure you have gym mats and a spotter until you can do them on your own. See our other videos on stretches and gymnastics tips.

In this video Katrina and Sloane show you back stretch tips and back bends to get your back walkover. Here are several back exercises including backbends to increase your flexibility and help with dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and fitness.

Back bends and back stretches done regularly will increase your flexibility and get you more limber for dance, tumbling, gymnastics, cheerleading and other sports.  As with any exercise, the more you practice and work on these stretches, the more flexible you will become.  Flexibility is key when doing gymnastics skills like a back walkover. 

Of course strength and conditioning help you as well.
Follow along and try the exercises with Sloane and Katrina.  Having a friend help and spot will also be a good idea. 

Make sure to practice on a soft surface – like gym mats – and to check that there is nothing close in the area that you might hit – causing injury.  It is always best to learn these skills at a gym.

Have fun learning these new tips to help you get your back bend and back walkover!