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How to Do The Splits

Learn How To Do The Splits

Learn How To Do The Splits Video Tutorial for Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading, Skating and Tumbling.

Do the leg splits in both side splits and middle splits. Visit us for more fitness tips and videos on gymnastics, dance, skating, tumbling, cheerleading and more sports.

Do the split by warming up first and getting a good stretch so you don't injure yourself and proceed slowly. This takes time to see progress, but if you consistently do the stretch, your splits will get better, just be patient and go slow at it to begin with.

See all 3 Fit For a Feast videos on how to do the splits. There are several different stretching exercises you can do regularly to improve your flexibility.

When stretching it is best to stretch both sides equally. Go at your own pace and don't expect too much too soon, but consistent practice will help you get more limber. Begin with the easy stretches and just work at your own pace until you can do some of the more advanced ones.

How to do the splits

This information does not replace professional training and coaching, but is provided as information to help you get started. Follow the information at your own risk, as each person is different and may need a different approach that a live coach can provide.