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Cheerleading Basket Toss

Cheerleading Basket Toss

Katrina and Sloane stop by Cheerforce and get first hand instruction on how the Cheerleading Basket Toss is done properly. This stunt requires true teamwork and concentration.

First the main base and side base place their hands together in a basket form. The "Top" or "Flyer" then climbs into the basket. The trick is for the flyer to support their weight mainly with their arms and not by standing on the basket. The flyer's posture should be straight with straight arms. The bases then use arms and legs together and launch the flyer with arms extending all the way up.

Coach Don shows us how to safely spot a back walkover. If you are learning how to do your back walkover or back handspring, you should have someone to help spot you so you do not get injured.

The catch is done by forming a cradle. The spotter must remember to throw straight and not forward.

The flyer rides the basket with arms near her ears until she starts going down and then falls into cradle position.

Don't try this unless you have proper training as cheerleading injuries can easily occur especially on the untrained. The spotter calls the stunt so that all members of the squad are on the same page.

Basket toss for cheerleadingUsually the small or lightweight cheerleaders that are very flexible and have good balance, become the top or flyers. 

It is important to maintain flexibility and stretch every day.  Cheerleaders that are strong and tall usually take base positions, which can be side base, main base or back spot. 

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Cheerleading Flyers

You are responsible for the flyer’s safety, so it is important that you focus, have strength and endurance. The flyer needs to capture the wow factor and the power from the bases. Getting the stability from the bases hands before being released is essential. Legs together and avoid the tempatation to jump because the bases are powering the move for you. Straight as an arrow, you will shoot up skyward to complete the skill.

Cheer Stunt Groups

A stunt group will have a maximum of 5 members, 1 of which is the top, or flyer.  Routines are usually done only to music with no cheers, tumbling, dance, pyramids or jumps in the routine.  Partner stunts are 2 member groups, with one spotter for safety. 

Spotters are usually used in cheerleading for safety when stunts, pyramids and/or basket tosses are being performed.

Watch the pros from Cheerforce: Dale, Alicia, Jaime, Cailin and Vicki as they show you how to do the Basket Toss properly. You can see our video on Cheer Levels.

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