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How to do a Handstand

Learn how to do a Handstand

The handstand is a basic gymnastics skill that will help with all sorts of other dance and gymnastics moves.

Start by warming up. You can do wrist exercises and move them from side to side. Make sure your arm is on a flat surface when you are warming up with the wrist exercises. Start massaging from your elbow down to your fingers and this helps get your muscles in your arm warmed up and avoid injury. If your muscles are sore, this can also help loosen them up.


Another exercise is shown by Sloane in this video. Before you do handstands or other gymnastics tricks you must be warmed up.

For your arms and shoulders, there are a few tips and exercises in this video as well. If you are not used to doing handstands, you should try on a soft surface and get a spotter.

Start straight up and then keep your handstand controlled. Avoid kicking over too hard, or you will end up in a bridge.

When you do your handstand, your arms should be shoulder-width apart and shoulders should be over your hands.

You can also use a wall to help you get used to balancing on your hands. Another way to get into a handstand is to do a 1/2 cartwheel.

Another type of handstand is a handstand press. There is straddle up and tuck up or even a pike up. Katrina demonstrates these moves in this video.

Advanced handstands include stag and double stag. You can also do splits and side splits in a handstand.

Have fun practicing your handstands!