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Cheerleading Power Jumps

Cheerleading Power Jumps-Jump Higher

Cheerleading Power Jumps can be improved by practising your jumps. There are several exercises that can be done to improve your jump height including calf raises, jumprope drills, step ups and squats.

Coach Don shows us how to safely spot a back walkover. If you are learning how to do your back walkover or back handspring, you should have someone to help spot you so you do not get injured.

Get your dance jump higher and perfect your cheerleading jump as shown in our video. Thanks to Dale and Jamie from Cheerforce for this demonstration.

Cheerleading often has competitions for the best jumper and best tumbler.  A jump routine will usually consist of 3 different jumps in under 1 minute.  Participants compete based on age group.

Jumps are used in many sports, including dance, gymnastics and cheerleading.  One common jump is the Russian, with legs split to the sides.

To do the jump properly, legs and feet must be stretched and toes pointed. Make sure you stretch before you attempt any jumps.