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Learn some yoga.  Yoga can help you to be more flexible.  It also helps you relax and handle stress. 

Watch what this instructor and her 10 year old student does, then grab a mat or towel and try to do some poses and relax with some deep breathing.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among kids and you don't need much to get started.

The focus on breathing helps to relax the body and mind and improves concentration.

Put on some Yoga music and get started today!
Yoga for Kids CD

Yoga actually means "union" or to connect mind, body and spirit.
Benefits for kids include:

Yoga does not have to be tied to any particular religion, although it derives much of the terminology from Far Eastern cultures. They physical and mental health benefits of yoga remain undisputed.

Try an online Yoga course to get started.

Kids Yoga DVD Reviews

Hi Yoga for Kids 

Hi Yoga DVD is for parent and child. Create a yoga & meditation practice of your own with these basic postures. This is ideal for one parent and one child at a time.

The DVD enhances secure bonding, focus and happy hearts. The Hi Yoga DVD is designed specifically to develop the habit of calm breathing. Learn the simple postures, repeat consistently and give your child the opportunity to know self-soothing. The skill of calming oneself is vital.

Poses help to calm the body, but calm breathing is the first step to grounding, focus and caring for others.

The Hi Yoga™ DVD includes: - Three short videos, in which Kelly describes the benefits of Hi Yoga™ for body systems, focus and calm bonding - Two 15-minute simple yoga sequences - 1. for a parent and child to practice together and 2. for kids to practice on their own. Kelly has extensive experience teaching over 60,000 kids in public schools and in yoga studios, plus training and certifying others to teach Kids Yoga and Adult Yoga.