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How to Hand Walk

Learn how to Walk on Your Hands

Handwalking takes a little practice. You should master your handstand first and then you can try some of these tips to get your hand walking going. Next you will be walking all around the house on your hands!

Hand walking training is good exercise too. Be careful not to hurt your hands or wrists. Make sure you practice on a soft, flat surface to avoid injury. Just like with any other exercise, it is important to warm up first. Never stay upside down longer than is comfortable as you don't want to become dizzy. A friend can spot you if you need help.


Check out our handstand video to learn how to perfect your handstand.

After you try it a few times, you will get the best spot to keep your legs in order to keep your balance. Learn how to roll out of a handstand to avoid falling on your head or back. Stay away from tables and other objects that you may fall on.

Have fun hand walking!