Get out and enjoy the snow!! Make a snow angel Build a snow fort Build a snow man Have a snowball fight. Make 2 teams – each builds a wall and gathers snowball ammunition.

Go sledding. Many inexpensive saucers and sleds are available for under $10. Don’t have anything? Make a cardboard slide or borrow a friend’s. Try snowshoeing. It is lots of fun and great exercise.

Many sports groups organize these to keep costs down and you can pick up a used pair of skates for as low as $5! Make a snow sculpture: Think of anything you might make in the sand and make it out of snow.

Here are some ideas: Snow Family Snow castle Snow animals Snow wall (like a brick wall around your property) Mini snow hill to slide down – (is easier if you build near a driveway or walkway that has been shovelled – there is usually lots of extra snow there.

Just make sure you can slide down your ‘hill’ into a safe area – not onto the street!)

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