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2 Person Acro Tricks

Acro Tricks for 2

2 person acro tricks that can be performed in an acro dance routine. Alexx and Paige help us demonstrate this trick that appears in some of our acro dances.

In this trick, one person is the base. The base does a seal stretch and holds an arm up to hold the other person's ankle. The other dancer in this dance move is the top, who has to be able to do handstands well and the handstand stag. This is where you hold one leg bent and the other straight.

Make sure to practice on mats or a soft surface to avoid getting injured and have fun! Thanks to Alexx & Paige for joining us to demonstrate.

ballet dance lessonsAcro is Katrina's favourite dance style. This year, she performed at several dance events and competitions.

If you need help with your stag and double stag, see some of our other acro dance tutorials.