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Our site is all about dance, gymnastics, having fun, being fit and eating healthy.

We are both competitive dancers and acro-gymnasts. Check out our Dance Section and Gymnastics Section.

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Remember you only get one body so take care of it :)

Kids Fitness, Dance and Cooking

There are many ways for kids and teens to stay fit and healthy - you just need to be active doing what you like and eat good, healthy foods.

We love dance and gymnastics, and our friends do too! So we get fit while having fun learning new dance moves and doing fun gymnastics tricks.

Do you love the trampoline, jumprope, ball sports, skiing, swimming, hiking, biking or even walking? Then make a point of doing more physical activity that is fun during your day and soon you will feel better and better as you become more fit!

Watch out for unhealthy foods and enjoy fresh fruits and juices, veggies, salads with yummy dressing (Katrina's favorite is a balsamic dressing on salad) and that one-two punch of being more active and eating better WILL help you feel better! Check out our kids cooking section for free recipes and video recipes we made for you to try.

Feeling better means you can concentrate more and have more fun, so enjoy your dance, gymnastics and other fun activities and you will automatically be more fit too!

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