Art Easel for Kids


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Art is fun rain or shine. From painting on canvas to doing ceramics and other forms of art, start with an artist apron, get the right brushes, easel and equipment and start painting!

Learn more through watching videos and reading. Take a summer class at a local art studio. The more you do, the better you get.

12 Pack Children's Artists Aprons, Polyester Non-woven Assorted Colors

Here is an easy way to make a tie dye shirt using spray on fabric paint. You can use a stencil if you want. It you don’t have any stencils, trace a pattern on poster paper and carefully cut it out. Also see our new tie-dye shirt video with Katrina, Sloane and Melissa on how we made some tye dye shirts.

It is best if you don’t use too many colors, or keep going over the same spots. If you mix colors – especially ones across the color wheel – you will end up with muddy looking colors. Don’t overspray and allow the shirts time to dry. Use light color or white shirts for best results.

You can also take permanent marker and make outlines, add text, do freehand design, etc. Art is even cooler when you get to wear it!

Crayola makes a 200 Piece Art Case: Masterworks Art Case is made of wood and filled with 72 crayons, 25 short colored pencils, 24 Pipsqueak skinny markers, 16 oil pastels, 50 supertips, a container of 1.25 oz school glue, a pair of neon green safety scissors, 1 tube of glitter glue, an 8-count watercolor tray, 1 paint brush, and 1 sharpener.

200 piece art set for kids, tweens and teens Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case